Thomas Godfrey affidavit saying he heard Martin Harris reaffirm his testimony of the BOM.

Jul 2, 1933
Thomas Godfrey
Scribed Verbatim

Thomas Godfrey, Affidavit, July 2, 1933, MS 1042, Church History Library

Jesse P. Rich
Thomas Godfrey, Jesse P. Rich, Martin Harris, Charles Anthon


County of Cache:

Thomas Godfrey, being duly sworn deposes and says, that he is 86 years old and of sound mind and memory, and that he is a resident of Clarkston, Cache County, Urah, and has been since 1866. That he met Martin Harris early in the year of 1875. That he saw him on a number of occasions and on one occasion in particular he visited him in company with a number of others, and asked him whether or not he believed the BOOK OF MORMON to be true, and he answered:

"No, I don't believe anything about it. Knowledge supercedes belief. I know it is true. I saw the angel and saw the plates from which the Book of Mormon was translted and heard the voice of God declare it was translated correctly." He said this so that all present could hear.

On another occasion I heard him talk about his visit to Professor Charles Anthon, and this is his story: "I drove a team from Western New York to New York City and presented the characters to him, taken from the plates of the Book of Mormon, and the Professor made the statement that they were the best he had everyseen, and he gave me a statement to that effect. Then he asked me where the original was and I told him that an angel gave them to a young man in Western New York state. He then asked for the statement. Thinking he was going to add something to it, I handed it to him, and the Professor tore it up, saying that there were no angels and to bring the plates to him and he would translate them. I told him I could not bring them because part of them were sealed, and he said, "No one can read a sealed book." I then went to Professor Mitchell, and this learned man also coroborated the statement that had previously been made by Professor Anthon. Martin Harris said he then went home satisfied that it was the truth.

[signed] Thomas Godfrey

Swore to and subscribed before me this 2nd day of July, 1933

[signed] Jesse P. Rich

Jesse P. Rich, City Judge

Logan, Utah

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