James H. Moyle records his meeting with David Whitmer in his journal.

Jun 28, 1885
Personal Journal / Diary
James H. Moyle

James H. Moyle, Journal, June 28, 1885, MS 1366, Church History Library

James H. Moyle
David Whitmer, James H. Moyle

Called on David Whitmer Sen. Was introduced by Wm Marshall.

Mr. Whitmer conversed and showe to me the papers for 2 1/2 hours. Was very kind but had trouble in keeping him on the point in issue. He was somewhat spiritual in his explanations he was not as materialistic in his descriptions as I wished.

. . .

Interviewed with David Whitmer Sen. June 28 1885 Richmond Ray Co MO.

Spent 2 1/2 hours in Conversation.

Said true church name was "The Church of Christ" Change from this name was made in Kirtland Ohio in 1835 or about that time. The name was recorded in County seat as above.

Both Mr Whitmer and son claim to belong to the Church of Christ but not one encorporated, or that pays tithing Yet David Whitmer Sen. admitts that there was some thing like tithing in the church in Joseph Smiths day but that it was introduced by Rigdon. That Rigdon was the means of making many inovations.

Mr David Whitmer Senior is now 80 years old He is some what feeble but claims that he will preserve the plates <manuscript> and should he die God will raise up another which indications would point to his only son. The Livery man, who seems to thoroughly imbibe the ideas of his father, and would seem to be after his fathers own heart They both de disbelieve in in the church of Utah or the Josephites.

Mr Whitmer says this is no high priesthood on the earth that Christ is the only high priest that there is but one Priesthood and in it are only Elders, Priests teachers, and deacons.

Mr D Whitmer Sen did not handle the plates. Only seen <saw> them says Martin Harris and Cowdery did so they say!

Says he did see them and the angel and heard him speak. But that it was in discribable that it was through the power of God (and was possibly or at least) he then spoke of Paul hearing and seeing Christ but his associates did not. Because it is only seen in the Spirit

I was not fully satisfied with the explanation It was more spiritual than I anticipated.

D. Whitmer severed himish him self from the Church in 1838 Because Joseph and the body of the people had departed from the first principles and had gone into Banking and land specullations &c. and was making new inovations.

Joseph about 1835 was especialy enjoined to keep out of things of this world and confine himself to the work of Christ and the gospel.

Latter day Saints added to Doctrine and Covenants by a committe of 4 appointed in Kirtland. He said the Book of Covenants very mostly to individuals and for them and not the Church.

He does not seem to doubt but that Joseph might have had more than one wife though Whitmer himself is a much opposed to [illegible] polygamy.

The Manuscript consists of 464 pages of closely written fools cap that will average about 37 lines to page and 18 words to a line

The witnesses did Dav not sign the original manuscript though were present and ordered Oliver Cowdery to sign for them

The preservation of the Manuscript is remarkable as especially considering that it came through so many hard and unprotected Journeys In the first edition there are 588 pages.

David Whitmer Sen. is 5 ft 10, in height, is of fair complection long face and rather of an intellectual cast. He lives in a some what small 2 story house.

His doctrine is a holding fast to first principals he firmly maintains the truth of his statement in Book of Mormon

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