John E. Godfrey affidavit affirming he heard Martin Harris bear testimony of the BOM.

Jun 2, 1933
John E. Godfrey
Scribed Verbatim

John E. Godfrey, Affidavit, June 2, 1933, MS 1042, Church History Library

Jesse P. Rich
Jesse P. Rich, Samuel Stewart, Martin Harris, William Sparks, David Whitmer, Joseph Smith, Jr., Oliver Cowdery, John E. Godfrey


County of Cache :

John E. Godfrey, being duly sworn deposed and says that in the spring of 1875 in the month of May, one beautiful spring morning as I walked down in the town, I met William Sparks and Samuel Stewart, and we passed the morning with one another and I asked, "Where are you going, brethren," and they said, "We are going to hear Martin Harris bear his testimony. Come and go with us." I accepted of this invitation and we went down to hwere Martin Harris lived. He was then living in a log house with a dirt roof and as we knocked on the door, his daughter-in-law answered it and we told her what our errand was, and she said, "Come in, brethren, I am pleased to have you come." He was seated in one corner of the house, and was very feeble. As he straightened himself up, he shook hands with us and said, "Come sit close to me so that I can see you." One of the brethren said, "Brother Harris, we have come to hear you bear your testimony in regard to the Book of Mormon. He said, "I am pleased to have you come, and I wish I could bear my testimony to the whole world.

"The Prophet, Joseph Smith, Oliver Cowdery, and David Whimore and myself went into the woods to pray that we might have the privilege of seeing the golden plates. We bowed our heads in prayer, but we seemed to be praying with no results. The prophet was the spokesman. He prayed with no results twice, then I withdrew from them, telling them that it was on my account that their prayer was not answered. After they had been visited by the angel the Prophet then came over to me where I was praying, and I asked the prophet to pray with me so that I might have the privilege also of seeing the golden plates, and after praying sometime the angel appeared with the golden plates and I saw with these two eyes the angel stand with the gold plates in his hands, and I saw him turn leaf by leaf the plates of gold, and I also heard the voice of the Lord saying that these words were true and translated correctly."

One of the brethren who visited Martin Harris asked him as my brother, Thomas Godfrey, did if he believed the Book of Mormon to be true, and he said, "No, I KNOW it is true."

I was standing back of one of the other brethren, and while Martin Harris was bearing his testimony, I have never had such a feeling go over me from my head to my feet. I had never had such a feeling in my life, and I knew that Martin Harris was bearing a faithful testimony.

I am 79 years of age, I came to Clarkston in 1865, and have lived here ever since. I was 21 years of age when I heard Martin Harris bear his testimony.

[signed] John E. Godfrey

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 2nd day of June, 1933, A.D.

[signed] Jesse P. Rich

Jesse P. Rich, City Judge

Logan, Utah

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