Joel H. Johnson poetically says Oliver Cowdery "denied" the Book of Mormon.

Jul 15, 1841
Joel H. Johnson

Joel H. Johnson, "For the Times and Seasons," Times and Seasons 2, no. 18 (July 15, 1841): 482

Times and Seasons
Joel H. Johnson, Oliver Cowdery
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For the Times and Seasons.

By J. H. Johnsons.

"The wise shall understand."—Daniel.

Amazed with wonder! I look round

To see most people of our day,

Reject the glorious gospel sound,

Because the simple turn away.

Or does it prove there is no crime

Because not punished here below?

Or can it prove no gems remain,

Because some fools, throw their's away?

Or can it prove no king can reign

Because some subjects wont obey?

Or prove the gospel was not true

Because old Paul the Saints could kill?

Because the Jews its author slew,

And now reject their Saviour still?

Or prove that Christ was not the Lord

Because that Peter cursed and swore?

Or Book of Mormon not his word

Because denied, by Oliver?

Or prove, that Joseph Smith is false

Because apostates say tis so?

Or prove that God, no man exalts

Because from priests such doctrines flow?

O. no! the wise will surely say;

No proof unto the man that's wise,

Then O! dig deep, ye wise to-day;

And soon the truth will be your prize.

Not like the fool who chanc'd to see,

The Saints forsake his heavenly course,

And turn to sin and vanity—

Then cries your "scheme is all a farce."

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