Martin Harris reaffirms his testimony of the BoM; says an angel showed him the plates.

Oct 15, 1875
Martin Harris

Martin Harris, Letter to H. B. Emerson, January 1871, rep. Saints' Herald 22, no. 20 (October 15, 1875): 630

Martin Harris, The Saints' Herald
Moroni, Martin Harris, H. B. Emerson, Joseph Smith, Jr.
H. B. Emerson

Smithfield, Cache Co., U.T.

January, 1871.

To H. Emerson, dear sir:—Your second letter, dated Dec., 1870, came duly to hand. I am truly glad to see a spirit of enquiry manifested therein. I reply by a borrowed hand, as my sight has failed me too much to write myself. Your questions: Question 1, "Did you go to England to lecture against "Mormonism?"

Answer. I answer emphatically, No, I did not;—no man ever heard me in any way deny the truth of the Book of Mormon, the administration of the angel that showed me the plates; nor the organization of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, under the administration of Joseph Smith Jun., the prophet whom the Lord raised up for that purpose, in these latter days, that he may show forth his power and glory. The Lord has shown me these things by his Spirit—by the administration of holy angels—and confirmed the same with signs following, step by step, as the world has progressed, for the space of fifty-three years.

The Lord showed me there was no true church upon the face of the earth, none built upon the foundation, designated by the Savior, "The rock of Revelation," as declared to Peter. See Mat. 16:16, 17, 18 verses. He also showed me that an angel should come to restore the Holy Priesthood again to the earth, and commission his servants again with the Holy Gospel to preach to them that dwell on the earth: See Rev. 14:6, 7 verses.—He further showed me that the time was nigh when he would "set his hand again the second time to restore the kingdom of Israel," when he would gather the outcasts of Israel and the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth," "when he would bring the record of Joseph which was in the hand of Ephraim, and join with the record of Judah, when the two records should become one in the hand of the Lord to accomplish his great work of the last days." See Ez. 36 and 37, chap.; also Isaiah 29 chapter; also from the 58 chapter to the end of the book; also Ps. 50.

Question. 2. What became of the plates from which the Book of Mormon was translated?

Answer. They were returned to the angel Moroni, from whom they were received, to be brought forth again in the due time of the Lord; for they contain many things pertaining to the gathering of Israel, which gathering will take place in this generation, and shall be testified of among all nations, according to the old Prophets; as the Lord will set his ensign to the people, and gather the outcasts of Israel:—See Isaiah 11 chapter.

Now, dear sir, examine these scriptures carefully; and should there still be any ambiguity relative to this great work of the last days, write again and we will endeavor to enlighten you on any point relative to this doctrine. I am, very respectfully,


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