William McLellin records in journal hearing David Whitmer bear testimony that he saw an angel.

Jul 18, 1831
Personal Journal / Diary
William McLellin

William E. McLellin, Journal, July 18, 1831, William E. McLellin Papers, 1831-1878, MS 13538, Church History Library

William McLellin
Harvey Whitlock, David Whitmer, William McLellin

At this time I was living in Paris, Illinois. Teaching school—

This morning I heard very early that two men (who said they were traveling to Zion which they said was in upper Missouri. They had also a book with them which they sd was a Revelation from God. calling it the book of Mormon) were to preach 2½ miles below Paris at N. W. Nunally's. I taught school until 12 o'clock. I saddled Tom and rode there with speed, Anxious to see and hear these quear beings. Their names were Harvy Whitlock & David Whitmer—

The people were assembled in a beautiful sugartree grove. Mr. Whitlock arose and gave some particulars respecting the book and some reasons why he believed it to be a divine revelation. Spoke some of the Signs of the times then he expounded the Gospel the plainest I thot that I ever heard in my life, which astonished me. D. Whitmer then arose and bore testimony to having seen an Holy angel who had made known the truth of this record to him. all these strange things I pondered in my heart. I invited them to go and preach in Paris, which they did next day. Though it had but little effect.

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