Martin Harris gives account of his experience as a BoM witness and affirms his wife hefted the plates.

Sep 4, 1870
Martin Harris
Scribed Verbatim

Edward Stevenson, "Testimony of Martin Harris, 1870," MS 4806, Church History Library

Edward Stevenson
Edward Stevenson, Martin Harris, Joseph Smith, Jr., Lucy Harris

Previous to my being baptised I became A Witness of the Plates of the Book of Mormon in 1829 in March the People Rose up & united against the Work gathering testimoney against the Plates & Said they had testimony Enough & if I did not Put Joseph in Jail <& his father> for Deseption, they Would me So I went from Waterloo 2.5 mls South East of Palmyra to Rogerses Suscotua [Seneca?] Co. N. Y. & to Harmoney, Pensylvania 125 & found Joseph. Rogers unknown to me had agreed to give my wife 100 Dollars if it was not A Deseption & had Whet his Nife to cut the covering of the Plates as the Lord had forbid Joseph exhibiting them openly Martin's Wife had hefted them & felt them [ the gold plates ]3° under cover as had Martin &

BHR Staff Commentary

Transcript taken from Larry E. Morris, A Documentary History of the Book of Mormon (New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 2019), 297–298.

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