Orson Pratt discusses the nature of "spiritual eyes" and "spiritual sight."

Orson Pratt

Orson Pratt, Spiritual Gifts (n.p., 1856), 77–79

Orson Pratt
Orson Pratt
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48. — If a spiritual man declares to a natural man that he has seen what will take place, at a future time; or that he has beheld something beyond the reach of the natural eye, the latter will immediately begin to doubt the possibility of such a thing. He will say, " How can this be? It is contrary to the laws of optics and the nature of light to see the future, or to look through opaque bodies." It is all foolishness to him. Because he has never experienced a spiritual vision, he doubts the philosophy of such a mode of seeing. He does not realize that there is a more refined and powerful substance, than that of the natural light, which is copiously diffused through all nature. He does not realize that this living subtle fluid, can penetrate bodies opaque to the natural light, with the same ease that light penetrates transparent bodies, or the distant regions of space. He does not realize that this quickening powerful fluid, after having penetrated opaque bodies from a distance can proceed to the spiritual eyes and produce a sensation of vision on them, with as much force, and with greater certainty, than what is produced by the natural light upon bodily eyes.

49.— Bodies which are opaque to the natural light, or which will not admit its transmission, are not opaque to spiritual light, but are perfectly transparent to it, and will admit its rays with the most perfect freedom. Spiritual light can pass through worlds hundreds of thousands of miles in diameter with greater ease than the electric fluid passes over the telegraphic wire, or to complete its circuit, returns thousands of miles through the solid earth to the place of its generation. As the electric fluid passes through bodies opaque to the natural light, and conveys its message thousands of miles almost instantaneously, so does the still more powerful spiritual fluid convey its message from continent to continent, from heaven to earth, from world to world, in a twinkling of an eye, or with a velocity far greater than that of light. No substances are non-conductors or opaque to it. All that is necessary is to have the spiritual telegraph, or in other words, the spiritual eyes in a proper condition to receive the impression; and worlds with all their glorious contents, are exposed to the enraptured vision; and man finds himself in possession of another sense, more powerful, more extended, and more glorious, than all the other senses combined.

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52 — Spiritual seeing will no doubt be the method of seeing in a future state. The eyes of the Celestial body, being quickened and enlightened by the power and light of the Holy Ghost, will, at all times, be prepared to behold the wonderful works of God, and gaze upon the glories of the Universe. The eyes of mortality behold objects on this side of the vail, according to the laws of natural light; the eyes of immortality will behold ohjects on both sides of the vail, according to the laws of both natural and spiritual light. And as the laws of spiritual light are immeasurably greater and more diversified in their range of operations, so spiritual eyes, adapted to these laws, will have their field of vision proportionably enlarged. Natural eyes now behold some few things in their gross and more tangible forms; spiritual eyes will then behold things in their more refined and recondite condition. Mortality beholds only some of the outward effects of nature; while immortality will look, not only upon the effects, but upon the causes also. The eyes of mortality view only the exterior or surfaces of bodies from which the natural light etmanates; the eyes of immortality will pierce the interior also, and behold the minute, yet powerful workings of the elements from which the spiritual light emanates.

53. — In a future state, the capacities of the mind will be developed and enlarged, in proportion to the increased facilities for acquiring knowledge. An enlarged vision would be of but very little service, without a corresponding erlargement of the mind. But the same Spirit which quickens the eyes of the immortal body will also quicken the immortal mind which inhabits that body. If the immortal eye, at one glance, can behold all the elements and particles of a world, with their infinitely varied operations, the immortal mind will be able to comprehend the scenery, and to remember the world of new ideas thus poured in upon it.

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