BHR articulates his disappointment on the meeting with HJG over BOM.

Jan 9, 1922
B. H. Roberts

B. H. Roberts, Letter to Heber J. Grant, January 9, 1922, Box 16, Folder 11, B. H. Roberts Papers, Marriott Special Collections

Mr. Couch, B. H. Roberts, Heber J. Grant
Heber J. Grant

Permit me to say, then, but in the utmost good will and profound respect for everybody elses opinion, that I was very greatly disappointed over the net results of the discussion. There was so much said that was utterly irrevelent, and so little said, if anything at all, that was helpful in the matters at issue that I came away from the conference quite disappointed. All the facts and arguments that were proposed, outside of the matter of linguistics, I had already made the utmost use of in the third volume of my "New Witness for God", as may be determined by reference to the part dealing with "Objections to the Book of Mormon." While on the difficulties of linguistics nothing was said that could result to our advantage at all or stand the analysis of enlightened criticism. . . .

. . . I cannot be other than painfully conscious of the fact that our means of defense, should we be vigorously attacked along the lines of Mr. Couch's questions, are very inadequate.

Very truly your brother,

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