Wesley Lloyd reports on conversation with B.H. Roberts about Church's reaction to studies.

Aug 7, 1933
Personal Journal / Diary
B. H. Roberts
Scribed Paraphrase
2nd Hand

Wesley Lloyd Journal, August 7, 1933, HBLL Special Collections

Wesley Lloyd, George Albert Smith, B. H. Roberts, Heber J. Grant

At his request Pres. Grant called a meeting of the Twelve Apostles and Bro. Roberts presented the matter, told them frankly that he was stumped and ask for their aid in the explanation. In answer, they merely one by one stood up and bore testimony to the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. George Albert Smith in tears testified that his faith in the Book had not been shaken by the question. Pres. Ivins, the man most likely to be able to answer a question on that subject was unable to provide the solution. No answer was available. Bro. Roberts could not criticize them for not being able to answer it or to assist him, but said that in a Church which claimed continuous revelation, a crisis had arisen where revelation was necessary. After the meeting, he wrote Pres. Grant expressing his disappointment at the failure and especially at the failure of Pres. Ivins to contribute to the problem. . . . Instead of regarding it as the strongest evidence we have of Church Divinity, he regards it as the one which needs the more bolstering. His greatest claim for the divinity of the Prophet Joseph lies in the Doctrine and Covenants.

BHR Staff Commentary

This journal entry was likely composed several years after the fact, as the main body of his journal entries commenced in the 1950s.

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