BHR writes report highlighting seriousness of BOM questions/issues.

Dec 29, 1921
B. H. Roberts

B.H. Roberts, Letter to Heber J. Grant et al., December 29, 1921, B.H. Roberts Papers, Box 16, Folder 9, Marriott Special Collections

First Presidency, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, B. H. Roberts, Heber J. Grant
First Presidency, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, Heber J. Grant

With some branches of the field of inquiry I was more or less familiar, having devoted some attention to them while writing my Book of Mormon treatis under the title "New Witnesses for God;" and while knowing that some parts of my treatment of Book of Mormon problems in that work had not been altogether as convincing as I would like to have seen them, I still believed that reasonable explanations could be made that would keep us in advantageous possession of the field. As I proceeded with my recent investigations, however, and more especially in the, to me, new field of language problems, I found difficulties more serious than I had thought for; and the more I investigated the more difficult I found the formulation of an answer to Mr. Couch's inquiries to be. . . . we might find such a solution of the problems presented in the accompanying correspondence, as will maintain the reasonableness for the faith of all in the Nephite scriptures, as well as the faith of those who with us accept it now, and are assured of its essential truth, as those who are investigating its truth and its message.

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