B. H. Roberts says "ancient American race" represented in Book of Mormon.

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B. H. Roberts, The Truth, The Way, The Life, 2nd ed., ed. John W. Welch (Provo, UT: Brigham Young University Press, 1996), 259-260

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This utterance from the Mosaic fragment of revelation is not the only word, nor the completed word, nor the completed word that has come to the world through the revelation of God in the New Dispensation. Another word is found, and an additional purpose given--to the one already above set forth--viz. in the American volume of scripture, the Book of Mormon, there one of the old prophets of the ancient American race is represented as saying: "All things have been done in the wisdom of him who knoweth all things. Adam fell that men might be; and men are, that they might have joy." (2 Ne. 2:24-25). "Adam fell that men might be"; that is, that men might have existence as men; and the design in bringing about the existence of man through Adam's fall is ultimately that he might have joy, exist in a sphere or realm of joy, a world and state of joy. A world where joy shall obtain and persist and go on and on! Not for dole and sorrow is God bringing man into an existence that is to be immortal--deathless. But for joy: not happiness but something greater than happiness--Joy! Of which more later, when we after we shall contemplate it, and revel in it ; when we after get into the reader's mind the fulness of this unfolding truth of the purpose of God in the creation of man.

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