BHR speaks to BOM's divinity and prophetic qualities.

Apr 1930
Speech / Court Transcript
B. H. Roberts

B.H. Roberts, in Conference Report (April 1930): 117

Conference Report
B. H. Roberts
Latter-day Saints

Then again, there are two great prophecies in the Book of Mormon, and I think after the witness which the Book of Mormon bears to the divinity of the Christ, affirming that he is the Son of God, and after affirming that he is the Savior of the world, and after bearing witness to the truth of the Gospel—then I think that this new American witness for God has its next important item in the fact that it lays down these prophecies concerning the great Gentile nation that should rise and which would scatter the children of Israel upon the face of the land, and yet, afterwards, be touched by the spirit of pity and concern which would lead them to seek the preservation of the inhabitants of the land; that the seed of Joseph, so wonderfully gathered here and developed into a multitude of nations, should not be utterly destroyed, but should be preserved, and that, too, by this great nation that should be such an instrument in scattering them in the earth. The promises of the Lord in respect to these things are very wonderful and make the Book of Mormon one of the most valuable books that has ever been preserved, even as holy scripture.

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