John Welch reviews Latter-day Saint Isaiah scholarship.

John W. Welch

John W. Welch, "Authorship of the Book of Isaiah in Light of the Book of Mormon," in Isaiah in the Book of Mormon, Donald Parry and John Welch Eds. (Provo: Foundation of Ancient Research and Mormon Studies, 1998), 423-437

Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies
John W. Welch
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Over the years, biblical scholars have raised questions about the authorship of the book of Isaiah, often viewing it as a compilation of scripture written by more than one author. In the opinion of many text-critical scholars, the disputed chapters (mainly chapters 40-66) were written or edited after the time Lehi and Nephi left Jerusalem, after the Babylonian destruction and the resulting deportation of Judah to Babylon in the sixth century b.c. Because most of Isaiah 48-54 is quoted in the Book of Mormon with specific attribution to the prophet Isaiah, biblical scholarship and the Book of Mormon diverge in this regard. Although many fundamentalist anti-Mormons do not raise this point as an issue against the Book of Mormon because they accept the literal integrity of the Bible and hence the single authorship of Isaiah, this discrepancy has been noted by several liberal critics of the Book of Mormon. This chapter briefly outlines and documents the basic nature of the so-called Isaiah questions regarding the Book of Mormon and describes the answers given by Latter-day Saints in respect to this matter.

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