PRC MA thesis including first published version of 1832 FV account.

Academic / Technical Report
Paul R. Cheesman

Paul R. Cheesman, "An Analysis of the Accounts Relating Joseph Smith's Early Visions," MA thesis (Brigham Young University, 1965), 126–132

Brigham Young University, Paul R. Cheesman
W. W. Phelps, Hyrum Smith, John Murdock, Sidney Rigdon, Jared Clark, Reynolds Cahoon, Joseph Smith, Jr., Oliver Cowdery, Paul R. Cheesman, Frederick G. Williams
Faculty of the Department of Graduate Studies, Brigham Young University


Undated Manuscript

This account was found in a journal ledger in the Church Historian's office Salt Lake City. The pages had been cut out but were matched with edge of the journal to prove location. This was done in the presence and with agreement of Earl Olsen and Laubitz Peterson of the Church Historian's office. The first page of this ledger identified Frederick G. Williams as the scribe and bore the date of 1833. Subsequent pages in the journal contained copies of letters of Oliver Cowdery, Joseph Smith, Hyrum Smith, William W. Phelps, Reynolds Cahoon, Jared Clark, Sidney Rigdon, and John Murdock. The earliest letter was dated June 14, 1829; the latest August 4, 1835.

There was not date nor indication of scribe of the account of the manuscript which follows. The information provided in the above statements seem to suggest that this account was written near 1833. Since it is recorded in the first person this would suggest either that Joseph Smith wrote it or he dictated it. From handwriting comparisons it would appear that the latter supposition is the more likely one.

[Transcript of JS 1832 history follows.]

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