ES reminiscence of hearing of FV, with God the Father Pointing to JC who was in his likeness.

Jul 15, 1894
Edward Stevenson
2nd Hand

Edward Stevenson, “The Home of My Boyhood,” Juvenile Instructor 29, no. 14 (July 15, 1894): 443-44

Juvenile Instructor
Edward Stevenson, Hyrum Smith, Joseph Smith, Sr., Joseph Smith, Jr.
Reading Public

As above stated, it was on those school grounds where two Mormon Elders introduced the restored Gospel in the year 1833; and in 1834 Joseph Smith the Prophet preached with such power as had not there ever before been witnessed in this nineteenth century. The brother of the Prophet, Hyrum, also the father of them, Joseph senior, were with him. Let me as a living witness speak of the moving, stirring sensation created in this town and surrounding country of the then Territory of Michigan. The Church was only in its infancy then, and much less evil spoken of; less opposition was met and fewer lies were in circulation respecting the Saints. Infidelity was scarcely thought or spoken of, and skepticism very rare in that period. Consequently there were more who were willing to listen, reflect upon and digest the new doctrines, and eventually to obey it. There have been alterations and improvements made regarding the schoolhouse, but these are the exact premises where people thronged in large numbers, more than could be able to find even standing space, in and around the house. Not the least disturbance or resistance was offered until Satan came also; but the good word had taken deep root, as seed sown on good ground, which could not be rooted out. I can very well remember many of the words of the boy Prophet as they were uttered in simplicity, but with a power which was irresistible to all present, although at that time I could not understand how 'it was that so few comparatively obeyed it. Three elder brothers of mine, as well as our neighbors, repeatedly in my hearing spoke highly of the new doctrines — that they were scriptural, so plainly set forth, and that, too, with such force as never before was experienced in this section of country. Here are some of the Prophet's words, as uttered in the schoolhouse. With uplifted hand he said: "I am a witness that there is a God, for I saw Him in open day, while praying in a silent grove, in the spring of 1820." He further testified that God, the Eternal Father, pointing to a separate personage, in the likeness of Himself, said: "This is my Beloved Son hear ye Him." O how these words thrilled my entire system, and filled me with joy unspeakable to behold one who, like Paul the apostle of olden time, could with boldness testify that he had been in the presence of Jesus Christ!

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