Rawson meets Cain-like figure in Nauvoo in 1847.

Personal Journal / Diary
Horace S. Rawson

Rawson, Horace Strong 1799-1882. Horace S. Rawson reminiscence, undated, accessed March 11, 2021

Horace S. Rawson
Horace S. Rawson
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About the year 1847 in the month of February, I was traveling from the east part of the of Nauvoo. About about mid-afternoon, I met two very strange personages. One from the description was a Mr Carry the Negro Prophet, as he was called. The other was the tallest man I ever saw. Boath had very nice blue Blankets on. I met them in a space between houses walking very naturally long. When I met them they boath bowed very respectfully to me. I looked with all the eyes that I had especially about about the tall man. But could not determan who he was.

I recolect once hearing David Patton tell as he was traveling in Tennesee a man overtook him the man was on foot and David was on horseback and seemed about as high as he was

He gave an apperence that attracted David attention, he ask his name, the man answered and said, "you have read off Cain that killed his brother Abel have you not," Yes, David replied, Well I am he, Where are you going? he answered as the scriptures says, Two and Trou, up and down, in the earth seeking who I may devour. This discription David gave of Cain answered very well for the man I saw as I have stated and I have never heard of any one ever seeing him but my self. What I have said here is true.

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