Sauk and Fox tribe recount their history to Joseph.

May 23, 1844
Joseph Smith, Jr.
Scribed Paraphrase

Account of Meeting, May 23, 1844: [128-129], The Joseph Smith Papers website, accessed November 11, 2021

Willard Richards
Sauk tribe, Joseph Smith, Jr., Willard Richards, Fox tribe
Sauk tribe, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, Fox tribe

1. P.M. held counsel council with the Indians— sac & fox &c in my back kitchen.

They told me (Joseph) “Your are a big chief, we are sons of <​2 as​> big men. <​and Priests​> as ever inhabited this land You preach a great deal so say great Spirit. you be as great & good as our fathers that will do. Our worship is differe[n]t. but we are good as any other men.—— before our nation were acquaintd with white men. th[e]y were as g[r]eat men as ever lived on th[e] river—— now live on Desmoines. 20 yrs ago. 6000 off us.— now. small nation. 3 towns.—— 2 men not over yesterday— they talk with big spirit we have had possession of this land.—— Neopope is one of our principle men.— we wish frie[n]dship with all men.— our cheefs done wrong in selling our Count[r]y.

Black hawks bro. maquisis— Sac nation worshippd on this piece of of ground.— when our fathe[r]s fir[s]t came here— this was inhabtd [sic: inhabited] by sp[a]nish— spih [Spanish] drivn off fren[c]h came— and th[e]n English & America[n]s talk a great deal with the spirts big spirit.— we differnt colour. no differnc [sic: difference] so we all good men. another said we have seen a great deal of pl[e]asure on these this grouds piece of Land. our fathers worshipped on this pi[e]ce of Land. English were very fri[en]dly. had good— we drove off a nation who was on the river— this is the best country our fathers had seen— Fathe[r]s of the 2 old men were preachers. wantd Joseph to be as good as th[e]y were— 2 nations are brothers wanted Joseph to talk right be be our big chi[e]f white men wear hats. indians naked. colour[ed] Engli[s]h. Frenc[h]. indians all brethren. dont expe[c]t to live long.— <​dont​> care for any thing only for somthig [sic: something] to eat. &c. Fri[e]ndly visit— 2 days. sac chief sold their land again. and would go to mo [Missouri] in 2 years— we are ve[r]y poor— whit[e]s cheat us— but no diffe[re]nce not Long to Live. we wanted to let you know we were a christian people.

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