Native tribes recount their history to Joseph, say different colors of men make no difference.

May 1844
Sauk tribe
Scribed Paraphrase

Joseph Smith, Jr., Appendix 5, Document 4. Draft Notes, 1844, The Joseph Smith Papers website, accessed November 10, 2021

Willard Richards
Sauk tribe, Joseph Smith, Jr., Fox tribe
Sauk tribe, Fox tribe

Notices fridly [friendly] & with white men, as gr[ea]t men as ever lived on the river.— on Des Moines— 20 y[ear]s 6 000, small nation— 3 towns— 2 men not over yeteday [yesterday]—— thy also about big spi[r]it we have possession the land Nepope— prinipll [principal] men here with frnshp [friendship] with all men kind— chiefs done wrong— in selling best country Black hawk Brother— Maquishis— Sac nation <​Right​> worshippd on this piece ground,— when His come first inhabited by by french—— Now amercns & english— Maquihis— very frindly— some ye[a]rs Mis & fox, talk great Deel with big spirit—

diffe[re]nt colour = no diffnc [difference] to good men Mis worshippd big spir[i]t— has worshippd on this piece Land English on the river & much people very very fri[en]dly— English people som[e] had goods— drove out a tribe was on the river seen a great deal pleasure on this ground.— best country fathe[r]s had seen.—— father of the 2 old men— preacher wantd Joseph as good a man—— 2 nations Brothr, Joseph talk 2 gr[ea]t big God [2 words illegible] wear Lots, white— people Eng. Frnch Indians all brothrs,— card for any-thing for something to eat [illegible]

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