Unnamed LDS in Missouri writes letter to Oliver Cowdery, reports that Hiram Page was attacked by a mob.

Nov 6, 1833

Letter to Oliver Cowdery, November 6, 1833, rep. Evening and Morning Star 2, no. 15 (December 1833): 119

Evening and Morning Star
Unknown, Oliver Cowdery, Hiram Page
Oliver Cowdery, Reading Public

"November 6, 1833.

Dear brethren,—Since I last wrote we have had horrible times. When I returned from——behold the enemy had suddenly come upon our brethren above Blue, and had thrown down 10 or 12 houses, and nearly whipped some to death, among whom was H. Page.—This was done on Thursday night.—On Tuesday night they commenced in Independence; broke all the windows of the brethren's houses in; broke open the doors of bro. Gilbert's store, strewed the goods in the streets. Saturday night they fell upon the brethren at the Blue—nearly beat one to death! but one of Manship's sons was dangerously wounded with a rifle ball, they fled. On Monday about sun set, a regular action was fought above Blue; we had 4 wounded—They had 5 wounded and killed; among the latter were Mr. Breazeal and Mr. Linville. From Friday till Tuesday after noon our brethren were under arms. On Tuesday the mob had about three hundred collected—Before any blood was shed we agreed to go away immediately.

It is a horrid time, men, women and children are fleeing, or preparing to, in all directions, almost—We mean to try to settle in Van Buren county if possible, God only knows our lot.

Yours &c.

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