Lucy Mack Smith recalls incident where Joseph Smith, Sr., her husband, refused to denounce the BoM when pressured.

Lucy Mack Smith
2nd Hand

Lucy Mack Smith, History, 1845, 185–186, The Joseph Smith Papers website, accessed February 13, 2023

Martha Jane Knowlton Coray
Samuel Harrison Smith, Joseph Smith, Sr., Lucy Mack Smith

After informing the jailor of his business, he requested, that his father might be immediately liberated from the cell; but the jailor refused, because it was sunday; but permited Samuel to go into the cell, where he found my husband confined in the same dungeon with a Man committed for murder; and, upon enquiring what his treatment had been, Mr. Smith replied as follows:—

“Immediately after I left your mother, the men by whom I was taken commenced using every possible argument to induce me to renounce the Book of Mormon; saying how much better it would be for you to deny that silly thing, than to be disgraced, and imprisoned, when you might, not only escape, but also have the note back; as well as the money you have paid on it. “To this continued my husband, I made no reply: And They still went on in the same manner untill we arrived at the jail; when they hurried me into this dismal dungeon.— I shuddered when I first heard these heavy doors creaking upon their hinges; but then, I thought to myself, I was not the first man, who had been imprisoned for the truth’s sake. And when I should meet Paul in the paradise of God, I could tell him, that I too had been in bonds for gospel which he preached. And this has been my only consolation.

From the time that I entered untill now, and this is the fourth day, I have had nothing to eat, save a pint basin full of very weak broth. And there, said he, (pointing to the opposite of the cell) lies the basin yet.”

Samuel was very much wounded by this; and having obtained permission of the jailor, he immediately went out and brought his father some comfortable food. After which he remained with him untill the next day, when the business was attended to; and Mr. Smith went out into the jail yard to a cooper shop, where he obtained employment at coopering and followed the same untill he was released which was 30 days. He purchased, <preached​>, during his confinement here, every sunday; and when he was released, he baptized two persons, whom he had thus converted.

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