Angus Cannon recalls hearing Hyrum and Joseph Smith bear testimony of the BOM when we was a child.

Jan 26, 1888
Meeting Minutes / Notes
Angus M. Cannon
Scribed Summary
2nd Hand

Salt Lake Stake General Minutes, Volume 3, 1880–1890, January 26, 1888, 660–662, LR 604 11, Church History Library

James D. Stirling
Hyrum Smith, Martin Harris, Joseph E. Taylor, James D. Stirling, Seldon J. Clawson, Seymour B. Young, Angus M. Cannon, David Whitmer, Joseph Smith, Jr.

Home Missionary Meeting,

Social Hall, Salt Lake City,

Wednesday, January 26th, 1888.

1 p.m.

The Home Missionaries of this Stake met as per adjournment. President Angus M. Cannon presiding

Singing: "Come, Come, ye Saints no toil nor labor fear."

Prayer was offered by President Joseph E. Taylor.

Singing: "Sweetly may the blessed spirit etc."

Roll called and responded to by 60 missionaries; 20 were excused by letter or otherwise and 7 not heard from

The minutes of the last meeting (Dec. 28th 1887) were read and approved.

President Angus M. Cannon said that he had been away from home for a short time. had taken a trip to the States according to counsel and was pleased to say that he was benefited thereby, particularly with regard to his health and voice which had been failing him for some time prior to his leaving this city. He related the following in connection with his journey: I visited Jackson County Missouri and other places in that region formerly occupied by our people. I viewed the Temple Block. Was asked if we would not like to have the Temple Block. I said: "As a people we are not prepared to come and occupy the site, but when we were the Lord will clear the way before us and we will occupy that country and build the temple." The country is in a forsaken condition, with a sparse population.

I visited Richmond, Missouri, on Saturday morning January 7th last and had the pleasure of meeting with David Whitmer, one of the three witnesses to the authenticity of the Book of Mormon. He was 83 years of age that morning and has for some time been very feeble; is worn away to a skeleton and being as helpless as a child, he requires constant attendance. He is also quite deaf and it is difficult for him to hear what i said. Being desirous to hear his testimony concerning the Plates from which the Book of Mormon was translated, I told his grand-son who is one of the old gentleman's attendants, the object of my visit, and after the young man told him what I wanted to know, he

lifted up his hand and said

"My friend if God ever uttered a truth, the testimony that I now bear unto you is true. I did see the Angel of God, and beheld the glory of the Lord. He testified that that Record was true."

He went on telling me other things, but becoming enfeebled through a severe cough that he had, I asked him not to talk any more as all I wanted was to see him and hear him testify as he had done. When he was bearing his testimony it brought tears to my eyes, and a sensation passed through me that I never felt in my life before in the same way. I felt my testimony with those present concerning other truths annunciated by the Prophet Joseph, but which were rejected by him and others. I am convinced that the reason for his being out of the Church is because Angels did not keep coming to him to verify all that was being revealed. He looks as if he would not live very long

When I was but ten years of age, I heard the testimony of the Patriarch Hyrum Smith, one of the eight witnesses, to the divinity of the Book of Mormon and the appearance of the plates from which it was translated. I also heard the testimony of the Prophet Joseph in Nauvoo in regard to the truthfulness of the same. It was also my privilege to listen to the testimony of Martin Harris, concerning the visitation of the Angel, as he stood in the tower of the Kirtland Temple, in 1837.

President Cannon concluded his remarks by exhorting the missionaries to be faithful to the Lord.

President Seymour B. Young made a few remarks on the present condition of the Latter-day Saints, and the proper education of the young and rising generation.

Brother Seldon J. Clawson being present in the meeting by invitation. President Cannon proposed that he be set apart as one of the Home Missionaries. Carried. He was then set apart to act as such under the hands of Presidents Angus M. Cannon and Joseph E. Taylor. (Mouth).

Adjourned to meet on Wednesday, February 29th 1888, at 7 p.m; with singing and prayer

Approved Feby 29th, 1888}

James D. Stirling. Clerk.}

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