John Corrill reports that Christian Whitmer was persecuted by a mob in Missouri.

Dec 1833
John Corrill

John Corrill, Letter to Oliver Cowdery, December 1833, rep. Evening and Morning Star 2, no. 16 (January 1834): 125

John Corrill
Christian Whitmer, John Corrill
Oliver Cowdery, Reading Public

Accordingly nineteen of our men volunteered, and started to go to their assistance, but when they had proceeded a part of the way, they learned that the mob were not doing mischief at that time, but were in Wilson's store, so they turned to go home, when the mob by some means found out that a party of our men were on the road west of them, and a party of them, thirty or forty started on horse back with guns to fall upon our men; and after riding two or two and a half miles they overtook them; and as soon as the brethren saw them, they dispersed and fled; and some ran immediately to the main body of our brethren to let them know that the mob were upon them.

But the mob not being willing to give up the brethren without injuring them, pursued after, and hunted in order to find them. They searched in the cornfield of Christian Whitmer, and fed their horses freely upon his corn. They also took him and pointed their guns at him, threatening to kill him if he did not tell them were the brethren were. They also got upon the top of his house, and threatened some women and children.

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