Heber C. Kimball speaks of those who have taken exception with some of Brigham's teachings; claims that Brigham would not say something unless he knew it was true.

Speech / Court Transcript
Heber C. Kimball
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Heber C. Kimball, "The Latter-Day Kingdom—Men not to Be Governed By Their Wives—Love to God Manifested By Love to His Servants," Journal of Discourses, 26 vols. (Liverpool: Asa Calkin, 1858), 5:32

Asa Calkin
Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball
Reading Public, Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

If you prefer the figure of a cable made of flax, sea-grass, or hemp, go to work and increase the strength of it, and tie yourselves to the Priesthood and to the man that you are connected with, or let there be a final conclusion to dissolve the partnership, and go somewhere else. I do not want halfhearted characters to labour with me. Poor miserable creatures, they are not fit for anything. Some of them have been in the house of Israel from fifteen to twenty years, and age following the Devil. Are there any such characters in this congregation? Yes, several, both men and women. There are men and women ready to oppose brother Brigham in what he said last Sunday. He told the truth of God in every word he spoke. Do you suppose that he is so unwise to say a thing which he does not know to be true? He understands what he speaks, and he looks before he jumps, and God Almighty will lead him straight, and he will never stumble—no, never, from this time forth; nor will you, brother Hyde, if you will follow him; neither will any other man.

There are poor, miserable curses in our midst; and there is not a thing spoken of but what there are men and women who will go and tell them every thing that is said, (thank God for that!) and tell mere than what is true. There are men and women in this congregation of that stamp. I wish I had some stones; I want to pelt your cursed heads, for you lie like hell. Are you valiant to stand by the work of God, and by your brethren? If you are not, you had better put out, you poor curses.

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