David Farnsworth recalls hearing Joseph Fielding Smith admit he was in error concerning his previous comments about men not being able to travel to the moon.

Mar 2015
David Farnsworth
2nd Hand

Personal reminiscence of David Farnsworth, in Adam Kotter, "When Doubts and Questions Arise," Ensign (March 2015), accessed November 10, 2023

David Farnsworth, Adam Kotter, Joseph Fielding Smith
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Be aware that Satan can magnify our doubts or lead us to justify our sins. The Holy Ghost will prompt us with uncomfortable feelings when we sin, and we can either repent or reject these promptings. As doubts arise, it may be useful to honestly ask yourself, Is there something I am doing or desiring that is contrary to the gospel? If you answer yes, seek help from your bishop. It can make all the difference! Letting your doubts justify your sins is never a successful substitute for repenting.

Some people also stumble over statements made by Church leaders that have turned out to be incorrect, not about doctrine but in their personal opinions. For example, President Joseph Fielding Smith (1876–1972) wrote in the first edition of his book Answers to Gospel Questions, “It is doubtful that man will ever be permitted to make any instrument or ship to travel through space and visit the moon or any distant planet.”

Later, following the Apollo moon landings and the death of President David O. McKay, Joseph Fielding Smith became President of the Church. At a press conference, a reporter asked him about this statement. President Smith replied, “Well, I was wrong, wasn’t I?”

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