George Q. Cannon teaches that he believes the Holy Ghost being a personage is an example of speculation in his time.

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George Q. Cannon
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George Q. Cannon, "Things That Should and Things that Should Not Be Taught in Our Sunday School," Proceedings of the Sunday School Convention (Salt Lake City: Deseret Sunday School Union, 1898), 87, 88

Deseret Sunday School Union
Brigham Young, George Q. Cannon
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Many questions come up from theological classes—questions that are, to say the least, somewhat abtruse, and concerning which there is no written revelation; questions, too, that are not pertinent at all to the work of the schools. I was stopped yesterday afternoon by a young man, who wanted to know whether Adam was the father of our Lord and Savior—

whether he was the being we worshiped, etc. Now, we can get ourselves very easily puzzled, if we choose to do so, by speculating upon doctrines and principles of this character. The Lord has said through His Prophet that there are two personages in the Godhead. That ought to be sufficient for us at the present time. I have heard during my life a great many speculations concerning the personage of the Holy Ghost—whether he was a personage or not. But it has always seemed to me that we had better not endeavor to puzzle ourselves or allow our minds to be drawn out upon questions of this kind, concerning which the Lord has not revealed perhaps all that we desire.

. . .

Concerning the doctrine in regard to Adam and the Savior, the Prophet Brigham taught some things concerning that; but the First Presidency and the Twelve do not think it wise to advocate these matters. It is sufficient to know that we have a Father—God the Eternal Father, who reveals Himself by His Holy Spirit unto those who seek unto Him; and that Jesus Christ is His Son, our Redeemer, the Savior of the world. If we confine ourselves to the facts as they are written in the word that the Lord has given unto us, we will do well. I would therefore say to all the brethren and sisters, refrain from indulging in these speculations; it does not lead to good. Do not indulge in the asking of foolish and improper questions. The Lord has revealed enough to keep us busy if we but study His word.

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