George Sims records Orson Pratt's submission of a sermon where he would make confession about various doctrinal statements to Brigham for inspection.

Apr 5, 1860
Personal Journal / Diary
George Sims
Scribed Summary

Brigham Young Office Journal April 5, 1860, CR 1234 1, Church History Library

George Sims
Brigham Young, Orson Pratt, George Sims

President B Young attended a meeting held at the historians office for the further investigations of the doctrines of Orson Pratt;

Br Orson Pratt submitted a sermon to the President which he had drawn up with the co-operation of others of the Twelve which the President accepted with the remnant that he should attach a few remarks to it.

Br. Orson Pratt asked if the subject was to be dropped; or was it to be resuscitated again

President Young observed he never wanted the subject, to be mouthed again; and wished these in the room not to mention it asked O Pratt if he ever wanted to open new, ground to preach about to submit such subjects to him first, remarking also that Br Orson was a sweet preacher, and he took great pleasure in hearing him, and he had always admired his willingness to perform what labors had been required of him

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