George Q. Cannon teaches that the spirit of prophecy is continually with Brigham.

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George Q. Cannon
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George Q. Cannon, "Revelation in the Church—Necessity of Obedience to Counsel—Confidence in the Future of the Saints Duty of Striving to Increase Our Faith," November 27, 1864, Journal of Discourses, 26 vols. (Liverpool: Albert Carrington, 1869), 11:45, 47

E. L. Sloan
Brigham Young, George Q. Cannon
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The Lord has blessed us to a very great extent. He has constantly poured out upon his servants the spirit of instruction and revelation. There has been no move that it has been necessary for us, as a people, to make that we have not been forewarned of by our leaders; and when they counsel us to take measures for the improvement of our city or the adjacent country, or for doing any thing that will make us great and powerful, it is our duty, being the mind and will of God, to adhere to and obey their counsels and instructions; and he who would think by word, or thought, or expression to weaken the effect of that counsel, is an enemy to the Zion of our God;—he who would try to weaken the counsels of the Presidency is an enemy in disguise, and unless he drives that spirit from his heart, he will sooner or later be found arrayed in the ranks of the enemies of God and truth. There is but one course that can be pursued in safety, and that is the course pointed out by those who are placed to preside over us. . . . The spirit of prophecy and the angels of God are continually with His servant Brigham, and when the people receive and act upon his counsels, it results in good to them.

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