Franklin D. Richards says that Joseph taught that the "seed of Cain" would not receive their "final redemption" until after the "seed of Abel . . . should all have their opportunity."

Oct 5, 1896
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Franklin D. Richards
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Franklin D. Richards, "The Restoration. Discourse delivered by Elder Franklin D. Richards, at the General Conference of the Church, held in the Tabernacle, Salt Lake City, Monday, October 5, 1896," in Brian H. Stuy, Collected Discourses, 5 vols. (Woodland Hills, UT: B.H.S. Publishing, 1992), 5:221

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Franklin D. Richards
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The principles that the Prophet Joseph taught are the doctrines that we must abide in, or we shall be overthrown. When the Lord, or the interest of Zion required anything, he did it and let the consequences follow, and he was so highly favored of the Lord with revelations affecting the whole human race, that he was shown their destiny here and hereafter. It was manifest to him that the seed of Cain would not come in remembrance before the Lord for their final redemption, until the seed of Abel the righteous should all have their opportunity. This one incident opens up a field of information so vast and comprehensive, that it its made evident to what extent the Prophet Joseph's mind was enlightened in regard to the dealings of God with mankind, and his eternal purposes concerning their redemption.

BHR Staff Commentary

Though Elder Richards does not explicitly mention the priesthood in his statement, pn February 5, 1852, Brigham Young said used similar wording to describe the priesthood restriction: “The Lord told Cain that he should not receive the blessings of the priesthood nor his seed, until the last of the posterity of Abel had received the priesthood, until the redemption of the earth." And on August 22, 1895, George Q. Cannon attributed the teaching, about a year prior to FDR's talk, used similar wording to explicitly tie the priesthood restriction to JS, so it seems likely that FDR's statement would have been understood by those "in the know" as referring to the priesthood restriction, even though it doesn't explicitly use those words. GQC said: ""President (George Q.) Cannon remarked that the Prophet taught this doctrine: That the seed of Cain could not receive the Priesthood nor act in any of the offices of the Priesthood until the seed of Abel should come forward and take precedence over Cain's offspring."

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