Joseph F. Smith, in a letter to Alfred Saxey, states Adam-God may represent Brigham's personal opinion but the teaching is not revealed doctrine, nor binding on Church members.

Jan 9, 1897
Joseph F. Smith

Joseph F. Smith to Alfred Saxey, January 9, 1897, Letterpress copybooks, 1896 September 4-1898 April 1, Joseph F. Smith Papers, 1854-1918, Joseph F. Smith Papers Collection, MS 1325, Church History Library

Joseph F. Smith
Brigham Young, Alfred Saxey, Joseph F. Smith, Adam
Alfred Saxey

With reference to Prest. B. Youngs remarks in a discourse delivered in 1852, with reference to "Adam being the only god with whom we have to do" &c. I will say:—Prest Young no doubt expressed his personal opinion or views upon the subject. What he said was not given as a revelation or commandment from the Lord. The Doctrine was never submitted to the Councils of the Priesthood, nor to the Church for approval or ratification and was never formally or otherwise accepted by the Church. It is therefore in no sense binding upon the Church nor upon the consciences of any of the members thereof, except perhaps only so far as some may have confidence in President Young, believing that he had light on the subject which was not given in connection with his public mention thereof. It is thought, even if there is truth in it, that the bare mention made by Prest. Young without indubitable evidence and authority being given of its truth, was unfortunate to say the least.

But the sure test is to be found in "the law and the testimony." and revealed truth. Whatsoever is not in accordance with these must fall. No scripture being of any private interpretation &c.

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