John Stiles recalls being disfellowshipped for disagreeing with the claim that Brigham "is our God and infallible"; after disputing this, was restored by the High Council.

Sep 6, 1856
Meeting Minutes / Notes
John Stiles
Scribed Verbatim

Minutes of the Salt Lake Stake High Priests Quorum, September 6, 1856, 266, Salt Lake Stake Melchizedek Priesthood minutes and records, 1848-1976, LR 604 13, Church History Library

Daniel Page, Jr.
Brigham Young, John Stiles, Leonard W Hardy
Salt Lake Stake High Priests Quorum

John Stiles. Bishop Leonard W Hardy now Bishop over that ward and the 12t called a meeting of the 11th Ward particularly to settle this matter. It was settled and the hatched buried. But right away after these men dug it up again and it got so hot that Bishop Hardy had to withdraw me from the ward. Bro McMaster is the man who started this persecution. At a priesthood meeting a vote was called “That Brigham Young is our God and infallible.” The most of the members of the Ward voted in the affirmative. I held up both hands in opposition. So they disfellowshipped me from the Ward—I took an appeal to the High Council, who restored me. But they still keep up the persecution in the Ward.

. . .

John Stiles. The idea of Brigham Young being our God and infallible originated in a meeting of the Sisters. One of these said Brigham Young is our God and infallible and that man (pointing to Bishop Lythe) is our God and infallible. And the rest of the women sanctioned it and Bishop Lythe did not rebuke them for it.

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