George Q. Cannon states that God loves all, including the "dark sons of Cain."

Jan 12, 1873
Speech / Court Transcript
George Q. Cannon
Scribed Verbatim

George Q. Cannon, "Universality and Eternity of the Gospel," Journal of Discourses, 26 vols. (Liverpool: Albert Carrington, 1873),15:295.

David Evans
George Q. Cannon
Latter-day Saints

Every human being will be brought to a knowledge of the Redeemer's grace; every human being will have truth and error placed before him or her, and will have the opportunity of embracing truth and rejecting error. God has placed us here, we are his children, and he loves us all. We cannot begin to understand the love that God our Father has for his children. He loves all that dwell on the face of the earth—the dark sons of Cain that dwell in Africa and in America, in Asia and throughout the islands of the sea, as well as those who live in Europe and America who are of the white race.

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