Joseph Smith Sr. blessing to Lorenzo Snow says he will preach on the moon.

Joseph Smith, Sr.

Joseph Smith Sr., Patriarchal Blessing of Lorenzo Snow, December 15, 1836, rep. H. Michael Marquardt, ed., Early Patriarchal Blessings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Salt Lake City: Signature Books, 2007), 95

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Joseph Smith, Sr.
Lorenzo Snow

Thou must preach the Gospel of thy Savior to the inhabit — inhabitants of the earth, Thou shalt be¬ come a mighty man in the Earth — Thou shalt have great faith — even like that of the Brother of jared. — thou shalt have power to translate thyself from one plannet [planet] to annother [another] — power to go to the moon if thou shalt desire it. Power to preach to the spirits in prison — power like Enoch to translate thyself to heaven, — thou shalt have power to rend the vail [veil] of heaven and see Jesus standing at the right hand of his Father. Theare [There] shall not be a mightier man on Earth than thou. Thy faith shall in-crease and grow stronger and stronger it shall be liken like that of Peter thy shadow shall restore the sick — the diseased shall send to thee their handkerchiefs and aprons and by thy touch their owners shall be healed. Thou shalt have power over unclean spirits; at thy command the powers of darkness shall stand back, and Devils shall flee away. If it be expedient the Dead shall rise and come forth at thy bid[d]ing even those that have long slept in the dust shall come foarth [forth] to life.

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