William Clayton records Heber C. Kimball teaching that if one obeys the counsel of a Church leader and they are wrong, the consequences will fall on the heads of the leaders, not the members.

Personal Journal / Diary
Heber C. Kimball
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William Clayton, Journal, August 1, 1847, in William Clayton's Journal: A Daily Record of the Journey of the Original Company of "Mormon" Pioneers from Nauvoo Illinois, to the Valley of the Great Salt Lake (Salt Lake City: The Deseret News Press, 1921), 334

William Clayton, Deseret News Press
William Clayton, Heber C. Kimball
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Elder Kimball hopes the brethren will be attentive to what they hear for if you bring an evil upon this people you will bring destruction upon yourself. If you do according to counsel and they are wrong, the consequences will fall on the heads of those who counseled you, so don't be troubled. I do not want to be wrapt in the skins of some men who have taken a course that has brought destruction upon themselves and others, and they will have to answer for it. I am a man that would not speak to a man's daughter to marry her until I have first spoken to her father and mother also, and then it is done by common consent.

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