Joseph F. Smith discusses D&C 101 in the 1835 Doctrine and Covenants; argues it was added to the Doctrine and Covenants by Oliver Cowdery without any input from Joseph.

Mar 4, 1883
Speech / Court Transcript
Joseph F. Smith
Scribed Paraphrase

Joseph F. Smith, Statement on Oliver Cowdery and Polygamy, Provo Utah General Stake, Quarterly Stake Conference, Sunday afternoon session, March 4, 1883, Provo Utah Central Stake general minutes, 12:271-72, LR 9629 11, Church History Library

Provo Utah General Stake
Lyman E. Johnson, Wilford Woodruff, Joseph Smith, Jr., Oliver Cowdery, Joseph F. Smith
Provo Utah General Stake

Pres W Woodruff Then occupied the stand reading from the Doc and Covts relative to the sealing Ordinance. followed by Prest. Js F Smith who gave a history of the coming forth of the Revelation on Celestial Marriage: and said as follows—Bro Woodruff has read a portion of a Revelation written in 1843. Known as the Revelation on Celestial Marriage. which however was revealed in (1831) one thousand eight hundred and thirty one, but never written untill July 12th 1843, but was not then given as a commandment to the Church, but was given for a specific purpose and was not presented to the Church until 1852 or 3; it was then first read to the Church in Conference assembled up to that time it was not in force unto the whole Church but only to those who whom it as given - but since 1852 it has been binding upon the whole Church; there were many speculations in regard to its real meaning, what was the duty of the Latter day Saints in regard to this Revelation and what was meant by the principles here set forth: Joseph received it in 1831 but he was told by the Lord that the time was not come to reveal it, and was forbidden to publish it save it be a few. Joseph did entrust this to a few soon after 1831. Lyman E. Johnson one of the Apos[t]les received this from Joseph, we also understand that Oliver Cowdery received it from Joseph—did not Know of any others that Joseph entrusted it to. L E Johnson testified of this to Orsen Pratt as early as 1832 or a little later, and Brother Orsen Pratt has left his written testimony of the facts relating to this matter: Oliver Cowdery was not so discreet in regard to this matter but in consequence of his conduct brought reproach upon the Church bringing up the Church the accusation of fornication & polygamy—he wrote an article to stave off the impression that had been made which was published in the Book of Doctrine and Covenants which has been left out of the New Edition because it was not one of the Revelations; in latter times Joseph Smith was commanded to take wives, he hesitated and postponed it, seeing the consequences and the trouble that it would bring and he shrank from the responsibility, but he prayed to the Lord for it to pass as Jesus died, but Jesus had to drink it to the dregs so it was with Joseph Smith, the Lord had revealed it to him, and said how is the time for it to be practiced—but it was not untill he had been told he must practice it or be destroyed that he made the attempt - in 1841 he had wives sealed upon him - from that time untill his death he had wives sealed unto him . . .

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