Joseph and Rigdon uses the term "negro" in a derogatory way.

Aug 31, 1838
Elders' Journal

Elders' Journal (August 1838), 59, The Joseph Smith Papers website, accessed May 13, 2021

Elders' Journal
Sidney Rigdon, Joseph Smith, Jr., Elders' Journal
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"We have often heard it remarked by slave holders, that you should not make a negro equal with you, or he would try to walk over you. We have found the saying verified in this pious Doctor, for truly this niggardly spirit manifested itself in all its meanness; even in his writings, (and they were very mean at best) he threw out foul insinuations, which no man who had one particle of noble feeling would have condescended to. But such was the conduct of this master of meanness. Nor was this niggardly co[u]rse confined to himself, but his sons also, were found engaged in the same mean business. His sons, in violation of every sacred obligation, were found among the number of granny Parrish’s men, using all there influence (which however was nothing; but they were none the less guilty for that, for if it had been ever so great it would have been used) to destroy the benefactors of their family, who raised their family from rags, poverty, and wretchedness. One thing we have learned, that there are negroes who were white skins, as well as those who wear black ones."

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