George Q. Cannon teaches that the Church receives public revelation on a continual basis; there are many revelations that have not been inscripturated.

Oct 14, 1882
Personal Journal / Diary
George Q. Cannon

George Q. Cannon, Journal, October 14, 1882, Church Historian's Press, accessed May 6, 2022

Church Historian's Press, George Q. Cannon
George Q. Cannon
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There never has been a moment since this church was organized up to the present time that we have not had the mind and will of God made accessible to us; we had only to ask and receive. There never has been a moment — that is so far as my knowledge extends — since the organization of this church, when if a man needed counsel from the Lord upon any point he could receive it, and in this respect our position is different from that of any other people upon the face of the earth, and it ought to be a cause of constant thanksgiving to us that this is the case. Now, respecting these matters that have been laid before us, respecting the appointments to the Quorum of the Twelve and Presidency of the Seventies, there has [been] a difference of views among us. We have not had our minds settled. I suppose it is an open secret that this has been the case. The spirit has not made itself manifest in such a manner that we could be satisfied, and therefore no steps have been taken up to the present time to fill these vacancies, except in the filling of the vacancies in the Presidency of the Seventies. By an inexcusable blunder on the part of the Seventies themselves, we were led to appoint a man, and present a man, who is a High Priest. Some of the Twelve themselves were not clear in respect to that appointment; but they felt satisfied that the Seventies would not select a man that was not of their own body to fill that vacancy. But when the word of the Lord comes respecting matters of this kind, there is no difference of opinion, there is no room for difference of opinion. We know that God controls this work and presides over it. We know that He has controlled it from the beginning, and that He will control it as long as the earth stands. He will appoint and call His servants as He thinks fit. He directs this work. It is not the work of man, and man cannot have his wishes carried out in these matters — that is, when his wishes conflict with the will of the Almighty. We should all learn this lesson, and I suppose if we have not already learned it, we will have to learn it every one of us, that we must bring our minds and our will in complete submission to the mind and will of God.

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