Brigham expresses that it is "the lot" of Black people to be servants.

Jul 4, 1874
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Brigham Young
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"A Visit to the Saints,' Buffalo Morning Express, July 4, 1874, 6

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Brigham Young, Buffalo Express
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In the course of conversation, speaking of the trouble which the Mormons experienced in Missouri, and which partly grew out of a suspicion that they were hostile to slavery, Young expressed himself a strong believer in the peculiar institution, contending that the negro was created to be 'the servant of servants," and it is useless to attempt to give him any other lot. He ranked the negro far below the Indian in the scale of humanity, crediting the latter with high capabilities. The Mormons have always been on exceedingly friendly terms with the Indians, and a considerable number of their aboriginal neighbors are nominally members of the Church of the Latter day Saints; but whether they have really embraced anything of the Mormon faith except polygamy I cannot say. I did hear that there had been one negro Mormon somewhere in the territory, but I doubt the fact, considering the ban of contempt under which the Mormon creed places the unfortunate African.

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