Bruce R. McConkie teaches that Black people are "lacking spirituality" and that the "doctrine of pre-existence" explains the existence of Black people.

Oct 9, 1967
Speech / Court Transcript
Bruce R. McConkie
Scribed Verbatim

Bruce R. McConkie, Lecture Delivered at the University of Utah Institute of Religion, October 9, 1967, Church History Library

Bruce R. McConkie
University of Utah Institute Students

[minute 50:30-52:16]

Now this is a good point, we sure have limited ourselves in this world because of choices we made in the preexistence. Now, since we're talking about it, here are some people in the preexistence. We talked about those who had spirituality and we talked about those who...There are the people who have little spirituality and they... are born into this world, they may be the greatest musicians on earth, they may be the greatest mathematicians, they may have the most persuasive personalities, they may have leadership... But they are lacking in spirituality and as a consequence they're Negroes. And they are denied certain spiritual blessings, namely the priesthood... There is no explanation for Negroes other than the doctrine of pre-existence.

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