John Taylor lists secular books such as dictionaries as among the "standard works."

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John Taylor
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John Taylor, "Our Religion is from God," April 7, 1866, Journal of Discourses, 26 vols. (Liverpool: B. Young, Jun., 1867), 11:220

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John Taylor
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I had recourse to some of our dictionaries, to find out what popular lexicographers said about it. I referred to the standard works of several different nations, which I find to be as follows:—

Webster (American), "Religion includes a belief in the revelation of his (God's) will to man, and in man's obligation to obey his command."

Worcester (a prominent American). 1. An acknowledgement of our obligation to God as our creator. 2. A particular system of faith or worship. We speak of the Greek, Hindoo, Jewish, Christian, and Mahomedan religion.

Johnson (English), "Religion, a system of faith and worship."

Dictionary of the French Academy, "La croyance que l'on a de la divinite' et le culte qu'on lue rend en consequence."

Foi croyance.

The belief we have in God and his worship.


German Dictionary of Wurterbuch, by Dr. N. N. W. Meissner, a standard work in Germany.

"Religion, glaube, faith, persuasion."

Here, then we have the opinion of four of the great leading nations of the earth, as expressed by their acknowledged standard works, on what they consider to be the meaning of the word religion.

The German has it—faith, persuasion. The French—faith, belief; faith in God and his worship. The English—a system of faith and worship. These three are very similar.

Next we have Webster, American, which is our acknowledged standard, and he says, "Religion includes a belief in the revelations of God's will to man, and in man's obligation to obey his commands."

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