Deseret News prints article arguing the moon is not inhabited.

Jul 2, 1856
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"Proof that the Moon is Not Inhabited," Deseret News 6, no. 17 (July 2, 1856): 6

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Deseret News
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PROOF THAT THE MOON IS NOT INHABITED.—Dr. Scoresby, in an account that he has given of some recent observations made with the Earl of Rosse's telescope, says: "With respect to the moon, every object on its surface of 100 feet was distinctly to be seen; and he had no doubt that, under very favorable circumstances, it would be so with objects 60 feet in height. On its surface were craters of extinct volcanoes, rocks and masses of stones almost innumerable. He had no doubt that if such a building as he was then in were upon the surface of the moon, it would be rendered distinctly visible by these instruments. But there were no signs of habitations such as ours—no vestiges of architecture remain to show that the moon is, or ever was, inhabited by a race of mortals similar to ourselves. It presented no appearance which could lead to the supposition that it containe anything like the green fields and lovely verdure of this beautiful world of ours. There was no water visible—not a sea or a river, or even the measure of a reservoir for supplying town or factory—all seemed desolate."

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