George Sims records dispute between Orson Pratt and the other leaders of the Church concerning Brigham's teachings concerning Adam and God.

Apr 4, 1860
Personal Journal / Diary
George Sims
Scribed Paraphrase

George Sims, Journal, April 4, 1860, 71-72, CR 1234 1, Church History Library

George Sims
Brigham Young, Wilford Woodruff, Orson Pratt, John Taylor, Erastus Snow, George Sims

In the evening President Young attended a meeting at the Historians Office to consider the Doctrines of Orson Pratt as taught in the Seer and other of his works. Bro. Orson Pratt, stated his views at the meeting and he could not see but what his doctrines were based upon the Revelations of Joseph.

President Young, Bro Taylor, Woodruff Geo a Smith, Erastus Snow, O. Hyde, came to the conclusion that Br. Orson ought to retract the erroneous portions of his doctrine; and publish a sermon to that effect; this he might do with the assistance of the twelve; if this was not complied with the doctrines would be submitted to the general conference;

President Young observed the Confessional sermon of br. Pratt; merely stated his f views did not agree with mine and that he ought to yield his views to President Young. I want him observed the President to say that his views are contrary to truth and right, his sermon represents me to the world as a tyrant trammelling <them> to believe as I do right or wrong; it is my calling observed the President to see that right doctrines are taught.

Bro O Hyde asked br Br/Orson if he believed Br Brigham was the man God has called to preside over the church and Kingdom of God. Br Pratt said he did believe that; but he also believed that the Prophets of and leaders of every dispensation have been in error on different points, he did not question Br Brighams integrity but he did question his judgment in arriving to correct conclusions in some matters of doctrine

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