Brigham teaches that the Priesthood itself is eternal and infallible, but priests are fallible.

Oct 25, 1869
Meeting Minutes / Notes
Brigham Young
Scribed Verbatim

Salt Lake Stake Historical Record Book, October 25, 1869, 90-91

Salt Lake Stake
E. L. T. Harrison, Salt Lake Stake, Brigham Young, Joseph Smith, Jr.
Salt Lake Stake

(Reads —“It may be said here that the Gospel is destined to bring us to such a condition, that the motive power of self int[e]rest, which has hitherto been the main spring of the worlds progress, is to be superceded by so much of the love of God in everyman’s nature, that all will be willing to sink their individuality ect.) Now relative to this I wish to say; there never will such a time come The only way there is provided in all the economy of Heaven for us to preserve our individuality is to submit ourselves to the Gospel = The only thing that can sustain and uphold us in the Eternities that are to come, and that will preserve our Identity is perfect submission to the will of God = Those that go down to perdition, those that have had the privilege that our brethren have & turn away and break off by degrees from these pure and Holy principles, will go back to their native element; but I need not have said it = They will taste the second death and lose their identity = Now is this liberty or does it take away our liberty? which is a question that should be understood by all = All know precisely how to preserve their own form & identity before each other & how to enjoy the Greatest liberty pos[s]ible If individuals were to run to E.[ast] W.[est] N.[orth] & S.[outh] & every one according to the imagination of his own heart that would be the enlighetenment of Nature. My whole nature teaches me to do so. My whole nature speaking after the manner of men & according to the Spirit of the world would lead me to destruction. We must have the Lord to rule over us = How do you look at the scriptures? How have you looked at the plan of Salvation? How has it appeared before you, what are your ideas on the plan of salvation that God has devised for the Children of Men to bring them into submission & strict obedience to what he has revealed? Now this prepares a person to become A God & a son of God: For a man to become a god & a son of God & to reign Eternally in the heavens requires strict obedience = Will they have dominion? Yes, Crowns? Yes, How little wisdom these Elders of Israel have to think that they must do a wrong to enjoy liberty. Why bless you don’t I enjoy my liberty as much as any other man? My liberty is to do right and serve my God & build up his Kingdom; They that hearken to the words of the Lord will go onward and upward and fl[o]urish & increase & inherit; while those who think that they are going to have freedom by being a little wicked & raising a discord will go down to destruction. Live so that the candle of the Lord is always lighted up within you & you will be always light. Live so that this spirit or monitor of right may dictate you all the time. You can see the cunning & craftiness of him that lyeth in wait to deceive = What did Satan say to Mother Eve? Did he not have some truth in his sayings to Mother Eve = said he look you here take this fruit and eat thereof. The Gods said you will die but said he your eyes will be opened if you eat of the fruit = Well now just as quick as she ate this fruit she saw good from evil. She knew good from evil. I know good and Evil, & you know good & Evil. Well now live so that you can discriminate between good & evil. I will tell you one thing if you will live so that the candle of the Lord is lighted up within you from day to day and from Morning till Evening and from Evening till Morning you will never dissent from Brother Brigham.

I do know that Joseph had a revelation concerning me and a few others in Nauvoo—Said he Bro. Brigham you will never fall from this faith said he God has seen your labor and rather than you should fall he will take you to himself, so you have the promise through Joseph. I want to say to you that the spirit of the Lord was with me in bringing the people to these Vallies = Now here bro. Harrison tells us that it was the spirit of Joseph that came to me; I want to tell you it was the same spirit that Joseph had from the Lord; How quick a man will fall and say [that] which is not true = The spirit of Joseph went with Him, it has gone into the spirit world, but the spirit which dictated Joseph dictates your humble servant, and that spirit guided and directed [me[ in bringing the people to these Vallies of the Mountains; Another thing he said which I do not think he me[a]nt, to say, he said he did not believe the Priesthood was infallible = I will simply say that the Priesthood is infallible, but Man having the Priesthood may be fallible; I do not pretend to be infallible, but the priesthood that I have on me is infallible; It is from Eternity to Eternity; and that same priesthood rests upon me that rested upon Joseph, precisely; Joseph has got his own spirit & is in the spirit world; He has not got his body yet he will have it by & by =

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