Barnard Schudder's translation of the 13th-century Icelandic "Egil's Saga" contains "baptized" and "churches."

1220 - 1240
Barnard Scudder

Egil’s Saga, 89-90 in Barnard Scudder, trans., The Sagas of Icelanders (New York: Viking Penguin, 2000), 183-84

Viking Penguin
Barnard Scudder
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89 Grim from Mosfell was baptized when Christianity was made the law in Iceland and he had a church built at Mosfell. It is said that Thordis had Egil’s bones moved to the church. This is supported by the fact that when a cemetery was dug, after the church that Grim had had built at Hrisbru was taken down and set up at Mosfell, human bones were found under the site of the altar. They were much larger than normal human bones, and on the basis of old accounts people are certain they must have belonged to Egil.

Skafti Thorarinsson the Priest, a wise man, was there at the time. He picked up Egil’s skull and put it on the wall of the churchyard. The skull was astonishingly large and even more incredible for its weight. It was all ridged on the outside, like a scallop shell. Curious to Test its thickness, Skafti took a fair-sized hand-axe in one hand and struck the skull with it as hard as he could, to try to break it. A white mark was left where he struck the skull, but it neither dented nor cracked. This goes to prove that such a skull would not have been easy for weak men to damage when it was covered with hair and skin. Egil’s bones were buried by the edge of the churchyard at Mosfell.

90 Thorstein, Egil’s son, was baptized when Christianity came to Iceland and he had a church built at Borg. He was a devout and orderly man. Hew grew to an old age, died of illness and was buried at Borg in the church he had had built there.

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