David Child rejects the curse of Cain theory.

Speech / Court Transcript
David Child

David Child, Oration in Honor of Universal Emancipation in the British Empire (Boston: Garrison and Knapp, 1834), 10

Garrison and Knapp
Cush, Cain, Canaan, David Child, Ham
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Let it suffice to say, that at one time the justification of the trade was placed on the ground of a punishment of the first murderer, and his descendants. When I meet a man, who quote Scripture to support slavery, I feel that 'Something wicked this way comes' I feel as if he would not apply to that volume for any other purpose. When it was answered that the posterity of Cain were all drowned in the deluge, the slavites took ground this side of the flood. They said that the curse pronounced upon Canaan, was still clinging to the poor Ethiopians, his descendants. In answer to this it was shown, that Canaan was the only son of Ham, who did not settle in Africa; that all the others did settle there; that in the original Hebrew, the term which we translate Ethiopian, is literally, "descendant of Cush." And that the passage in Jeremiah, "Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots?" reads in the original, "Can the descendant of Cush change his skin, or the leopard his spots?"

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