James H. Charlesworth translates text regarding Cain as a "dark calf."

170 BC
3rd Hand

"Animal Apocalypse" in The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha, ed., James H. Charlesworth, 2 vols. (New York; London: Yale University Press, 1983), 1:63

Yale University Press
Unknown, James H. Charlesworth
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85:3 Before I married your mother, Edna, I was seeing a vision on my bed, and behold a cow emerged from the earth, and that bovid was snow-white; and after it, there came forth one female calf together with two other calves, one of which was dark and the other red.

85:4 The dark calf gored that red calf and pursued it over the earth; thereafter I was not able to sees that red calf.

85:5 But the dark calf grew big, and it brought along that female calf; and I saw that many bovids, which resembled it, proceeded forth from it, and followed after them.

85:6 That first heifer departed from before the face of that first bovid, and looked for that red calf, but could not find it; so she lamented over it with great lamentation, in searching for it.

85:7 I kept looking until that first cow came and quieted her; from that moment, she stopped crying.

85:8 After that she bore two snow-white cows; and after it she bore many more cows as well as dark heifers.

85:9 I also saw in my sleep that snow-white bull, and he grew big likewise and became a great snow-white bull; and there proceeded forth from him many snow-white cows which resembled him.

85:10 Then they began to give birth to many snow -white cows which resembled them, each one following many others.

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