Denver Snuffer, interviewed by Jana Riess, on Remnant wine.

Jan 26, 2016
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Denver Snuffer
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Riess, Jana, “8 Questions for Denver Snuffer: Excommunicated Mormon Explains Growth of New Movement," Religion News Service (Jan 26, 2016).

Religion News Service
Denver Snuffer, Jana Riess
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4. “Wine of your own make” Almost always, the sacrament is either done right at the beginning of the meeting or it is the last thing done as the meeting is wrapping up. But in most cases—actually, I think in all cases—the bread was made by someone belonging to the fellowship. And rather than water, either grape juice or wine is made. In most cases the wine is also made by one of the men who attends the fellowship, but I suspect the time is not too far off that a woman is going to be making the wine. Some of the grape juice is homemade also, meaning they grew the grapes. And by the way, that kind of grape is pretty sour; it’s bitter. Although I’ve drunk wine as the sacrament, to me it’s an unpleasant taste. One of the reasons for wine in the sacrament is to symbolize and remind us of the bitterness of our Lord’s sacrifice.

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