Heber Meeks mentions priesthood ban/adjacent teachings as potential reasons to stay out of Cuba.

Jul 23, 1947
Heber Meeks

Heber Meeks, Letter to First Presidency, July 23, 1947, Harold B. Lee Special Collections

Heber Meeks, First Presidency
First Presidency

WHY WE SHOULD STAY OUT OF CUBA Unfavorable Factors 1. Possible reactions against the Church in introducing a doctrine of 'race superiority' into an existing condition of race equality. The reaction may come (a) from government (b) from Negro leaders (c) entire mulatto element (d) general public (e) our own government officials in Cuba. 2. Difficulty of determining the negro blood in large part of the population. Co-mingling of the races has been going on for many years. No adequate records kept by which color can be determined. 3. The sins of the people (mixing white and colored blood through marriage) have denied them the blessings of the gospel. 4. They are of Latin blood and if opposition arose, local or general, it would be swift, intense and ruthless. WHY WE SHOULD GO INTO CUBA Favorable Factors 1. It is the commission to the Church to preach the gospel to every nation, kindred, tongue and people. 2. There are at least one million people on the island who are preserving their racial purity, that are entitled to all the blessings of the gospel. 3. There is a great need for the gospel – the program of the Church – among the white people. 4. The white element would be responsive to the program of the Church. 5. With the right approach certain negro elements may respond to the gospel. They have in America. 6. Cuba's nearness to America and an organized Mission would make a trial missionary effort feasible. ​7. The responsibility for the gospel not going to the five million Cuban people should be upon their own souls not ours.

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