Deseret Evening News debates on what ordinances black people can receive based on Brigham's language.

Dec 30, 1899
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Deseret Evening News

"Questions and Answers," Deseret Evening News, December 30, 1899, 4

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Can the negro race receive the Holy Ghost? That may appear very simple to discuss in that some of the inquirers think that negroes may be baptized in water but not by the Holy Spirit. However, strange to say, they argue that such persons may be confirmed members by the laying on of hands, but the Holy Ghost must not be sealed upon them, and even quote what they allege they heard President Young say to that effect. The answer is, certainly. The negro race may be baptized and confirmed, and the latter ceremony necessarily includes conferring of the Holy Ghost upon the baptized, repentant believer. The difficulty has arisen from a misunderstanding of the remarks said to have been made by President Young. He explained that while negroes could become members of the Church and enjoy its gifts and blessings, and become heirs of salvation, they could not hold the Priesthood and it should not be conferred upon them. None of that race are entitled to it nor would it be of benefit to them if they were ordained, as they are under the ban pronounced by Noah upon Canaan, the son of Ham, and his descendants. But that race may receive the blessings of salvation, and have the testimony of Jesus, and enter into the kingdom of God, having been born of water and of the spirit. They may know that Jesus is the Christ which they cannot without the witness of the Holy Ghost. The Saints in the early Church of Christ were "all baptized by one spirit into one body whether they were Jew or Gentile, bond or free" and all drank into "one spirit." It is so in the Church of Christ today.

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