DN repudiates SLT report on EB's funeral.

Nov 28, 1903
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Deseret News

"Salvation for the Negro," Deseret News, November 28, 1903, 4

Deseret News
Eugene Burns (grandson of Elijah Able), Deseret News
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Some of our eastern contemporaries are copying, with comments more or less appropriate, a garbled report of some remarks said to have been made by a 'Mormon' speaker at the funeral of a colored man in this city. We paid no attention to the matter at the time of the publication of the account, because misrepresentation of the utterances of 'Mormon' preachers is a common occurrence in these parts, and is sometimes amusing, while at other times it is simply execrable. But when a solid public journal like the New York Evening Post indulges in a long repetition of the nonsense printed here, and sets it forth as held by the 'Mormon' Church, it appears to be time that something was said by way of correction and explanation. The Post commences by stating: 'Only one negro has ever entered heaven, and hereafter the gates of heaven are closed against the members of the black race. 'This is the latest doctrine promulgated by the Mormon Church, and the declaration announcing the doom of the colored race was made in a highly sensational manner by a high Mormon Church official during the funeral services of Eugene Burns, one of the most prominent colored men in Utah.' ​"We announce, most positively, that 'the Mormon Church' has not promulgated any such 'doctrine' nor made any such 'announcement'. Nor do we believe that a member of the Church, to say nothing of 'a high Mormon Church official', entertains the notion set forth in the paragraph we have clipped from the New York Post. But if he should do so, that would not make it a doctrine of the Church, because it would run directly in opposition to established 'Mormon' teachings. "There are a number of colored people belonging to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, who attend its services and partake of the sacrament of the Lord’s supper side by side with white members, and are proud to be numbered with the maligned 'Mormons'. They have every reason to anticipate a glory commensurate with their capacity and beyond anything that mortals can describe. We do not reproduce the stuff alleged to have been dealt out at the funeral reported, but simply state that it is not 'Mormon' doctrine, whether it was preached as published or not. This Church is not responsible for everything that may be spoken by one of its members or Elders. The speaker to whom the remarks are attributed is not a Patriarch, as reported, and holds no authority to promulgate doctrine except such as is held and recognized by the Church. "While there is a distinction as to holding the Priesthood, between white and colored people in the 'Mormon' Church, and reasons for this have been revealed, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is for 'every nation, kindred, tongue and people' on the earth, and through obedience to it, all mankind may be redeemed and will receive that degree of glory to which they become entitled through faithfulness, every man being 'judged according to his works.' Salvation is for all races and conditions of humanity, and all are the children of one Eternal Father, who desires that 'all may be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth.' ​If our contemporaries who have copied the error here exposed will be just enough to correct it, they will be acting fairly with a Church which is constantly held up to obloquy [criticism] through the falsehoods circulated by its enemies.

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